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The paddle battle is an impact event for surfers & fans.
Together we paddle for a good cause and support local, international, social and green surf projects.

Aloha Surfer & Fans,
this year we start our PADDLE BATTLE Tour´23

in Cologne, then we will be in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin & Baleal. Let's get ready!

Since 2017, the PB has undergone 6 events in Berlin, 3 events in Cologne, 2 events in Hamburg, 1 event in munich and 1 event in Baleal (Portugal).

We all jump into the water at the same time and then we run at the riverbank. We paddle in rounds. Whoever has the most rounds wins – depending on the board used in the category shortboard, longboard, funboard. Instead of an entry fee, each participant can look for three sponsors in advance, who reward each round with an amount. At the end there is also a prize for the highest donation amount!

We love nature & organize the PB in an environmentally friendly way. With the GREEN QUIVER we show you some ecological alternatives out of the surfing world. Come around - take part and paddle with us!


Enjoy the event with your friends and family at the beach: music & good vibes only! We definately have the best for you: yummy ice cream and good coffee, great pizza and cold beers. Delicious!
See you at the beach?

At the PB we introduce you to our impact partners. We want to support them in their social & environmentally friendly work!

Your registration counts!
We pass on 100% of entry fees, raffle tickets and all donations to the NGOs.


3, 2, 1, Boom: Charity Paddling!
We all start together. Kids & adults paddle laps - it goes like this for an hour. Whoever has completed the most rounds at the end wins - depending on the board used in the shortboard, funboard & longboard category.


Please bring your own board:
Shortboard (5 to 7 feet) / longboard (from 9 feet) or try one of our GREEN QUIVER.


Paddle Battle Surfer.jpg

Get Involved

Would you like to help on site at a paddle battle?

Would you like to bring and organize a PADDLE BATTLE

in your city with your friends?

Do you have other ideas to support us or our partner organizations?

COVID-19 Info.
Wir glauben an den Sommer und hoffen, dass das Treffen in größere Personengruppen wieder möglich sein wird. Die Planung für das PADDLE BATTLE geht daher weiter. Wir freuen uns riesig auf das Event und euch. Falls es doch nicht klappen sollte, lassen wir uns was anderes einfallen! Alle Startgebühren werden wie gehabt an unsere Impact Partner weitergegeben. Die NGO´s brauchen diese Unterstützung mehr denn je. 

Vielen Dank & Aloha! Das PB Team

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