The best feeling in the water!

Green Quiver

We feel good in the ocean and it has become like our second home. As surfers, we are completely connected to the sea. Every time we run into the water we become part of this wonderful nature. We start paddling, diving through and surfing over it. What a great feeling!

So how can it be that we are still using boards and equipment made of plastic and petroleum in 2022?


In the GREEN QUIVER we present you ecological & sustainable "state of the art" alternatives from the surfing world: natural wax, plantbased wetsuits, recycled accessories and green boards.

At the Paddle Battle you can view, rent and test all products for free.

Arbo Surfboards

Paul builds postmodern and retro designs.

Keepin’ it DIY since 2010. Bespoke wooden surf craft and build-your-own workshops and 100% handmade in cornwall

and a place near you - by you.

Paulownia skins over plywood frame + paulownia skins over eps

+ more.

OneSky Surfboards

Is a young initiative from Kiel that is committed to responsibility and waste avoidance in surfing. The sustainable boards from Schleswig-Holstein are made from locally grown paulownia wood. A separate plantation of the CO2-efficient tree is to be planted this year in order to produce in a climate-neutral and circular manner. Under the label you can build your own surfboard with professional instructions at the location in Marienfelde on the Baltic Sea. With their they support young surfers to produce their own boards from locally available materials.


Backwood develops and manufactures functional and sustainable products in the board sports sector. The company founded by Martin Weiß in 2013 in Aachen mainly produces surf and stand-up paddle boards from the renewable raw material wood.

The material used makes each board unique.


“As surfers in particular depend on a healthy sea ecosystem and a stable climate, we at Backwood Surfboards see ourselves mainly as ambassadors for a sustainable approach to nature. In times of climate change and surfing that is becoming more and more popular, it is necessary for each and every one of us to question our own consumption and travel behavior. "


We founded polyola with the vision to change the way surfboards are made, through material innovation.
Witnessing plastic pollution on beaches everywhere we went, sparked a curiosity into the materiality of things and the urge to create more environmentally friendly, but still highly performant materials.

In collaboration with our research partners, we have developed a new, more sustainable, high – quality polyurethane foam core for surfboards (blank) that can be 100 % recycled, which we take responsibility for.


With every surf session we immerse ourselves in Mother Nature and enjoy the unique experience She offers us. At the same time we shouldn`t forget that every one of us is responsible for Her preservation.

Kun_tiqi has made it its business to give every surfer the chance to make their own contribution by using a product which is produced from eco- friendly and sustainable materials. These are mainly balsa wood and vegetable oil-based resin.
Kun_tiqi uses the latest technologies in the field of eco- friendly and sustainable raw materials whilst at the same time optimising the stability, longevity and performance of our wooden surfboards.


100% handmade skateboards against the bulk board attitude.

Waxed boards no painting.


The unique honeycomb design of Flexi-Hex makes the packaging high compression resistant, meaning boards are reliably protected from impact in transit. The sleeves are designed to not only protect the rails but also the deck, nose and tail. This is sustainable packaging that doesn’t compromise on performance.


Do you produce green surfboards or sustainable surfing equipment?

We make your eco-friendly alternatives available to all

PADDLE BATTLE participants.

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