Conditions of participation

Conditions of participation 

General conditions for participation in the PADDLE BATTLE sporting event (Innsbruck, Berlin, Köln, Hamburg, München and Baleal).


§ 1 requirements

The participant must be able to cope with the route on their own. Participation or the right to start is a highly personal right and not transferable. Starting places are also not transferable.


The prerequisites for a proper registration are the complete and truthful completion of the email registration form, the acceptance of the rules and the conditions of participation as well as the payment of the participation fee and all fees.


Minors require a written declaration of consent from their parent or legal guardian to register.


Minors under 16 years of age need a legal guardian on site to accompany them. Association membership is not required.


§ 2 Scope - Validity


1. The organizer of the PADDLE BATTLE (Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich) is Arne Schönewald, Kolonnenstr 51, 10829 Berlin


2. These conditions of participation regulate the legal relationship between the participants and the event organizer (organization contract). They are subject to occasional changes in content. In the version valid at the time of registration, they are part of the contract between the organizer and the participant. Subsequent changes that are made taking into account the legitimate interests of the organizer or the participants and that are announced by the organizer on the Internet or in writing, become part of the contract without further notice.


3. All declarations made by a participant to the organizer must be addressed to Arne Schönewald.



§ 3 Obligations


1. Every participant is obliged to read through the announcement, the conditions of participation and the regulations and to comply with all regulations. By registering, the participant expressly accepts the regulations and the conditions of participation.


2. Each participant is obliged to assess his or her own health requirements for participation in the PADDLE BATTLE (Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich), if necessary after consulting a doctor.


3. Participants in the respective PBs are only allowed to start if they are in good health. Each participant is responsible for this.


4. For athletes up to the age of 18 the following applies: The legal guardians must ensure that participation only takes place if the health requirements are met.


5. A medical examination of the participants for their sport health does not take place at the PB.


6. The information and specifications contained in the announcement as well as the instructions of the staff and assistants before, during and after the race must be followed. In the event of violations that disrupt the orderly course of the event or endanger the safety of the other participants, the organizer is entitled to exclude the participant in question from the event and / or to disqualify him at any time.



§ 4 Security Measures

The organizer will notify the participants of organizational measures before the start of the event. Legally binding declarations can only be made to the participants by the group of persons authorized to do so by the organizer. This group of people also includes the members of the medical services supervising the event, who can also prohibit the participant from participating in or continuing to participate in the event in order to protect the participant if there are any signs of health.



§ 5 Conclusion of the contract (participation in the event)


1. Registration represents a binding offer of contract by the participant to the organizer and is only possible via email (


2. Each participant can only register himself and only once per event. Each participant assures that the name and date of birth given when registering are complete and correct. Eligibility to participate is personal and may not be transferred to another person.


3. Conclusion of a contract presupposes that the participant or the respective legal guardian has expressly accepted the conditions of participation and the regulations with his email registration.


4. The organizer sets an organizational limit (number of participants and / or latest registration date), which will be announced in the advertisement for the event concerned or at a later point in time. Registrations that exceed the limit will not be accepted.



§ 6 Terms of Payment


1. Payments must be made by bank transfer up to 4 weeks after registration.



§ 7 Issue of starting documents


1. After completing the registration process, the participant will receive an official registration confirmation. The participant receives his starting documents at the handing out of the starting documents only upon presentation of the official confirmation of registration and his identity card / passport. The starting documents cannot be sent.


2. Every participant is obliged to check his starting documents, which he receives at the handing out of the starting documents, for completeness immediately after receipt. Later complaints cannot be considered.



§ 8 withdrawal


1. If a registered participant does not start without giving reasons or if he declares his non-participation to the organizer in advance or if he is disqualified, there is no entitlement to repayment or reimbursement of the participation fee.


§ 9 Disclaimer

1. If, in cases of force majeure, the organizer is entitled or obliged due to official orders or for security reasons to make changes in the implementation of the event or to cancel or cancel it, the organizer is not liable to the participant for reimbursement and / or compensation. As the organizer, we reserved the right to interrupt or cancel the competition in the event of storms / thunderstorms or other unforeseeable reasons. There is no entry fee refund for these cases.


2. Participation is at your own risk. By registering, the participant expressly declares that he is aware of the specific dangers of a public road bike race.


3. The organizer is fully liable for intent and gross negligence. In the case of a slightly negligent breach of an obligation, the breach of which endangers the achievement of the purpose of the contract or the fulfillment of which enables the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on whose compliance the participant could rely (hereinafter: cardinal obligation), the liability is limited to foreseeable, contract-typical damage . The organizer is not liable for slightly negligent breaches of secondary obligations that are not cardinal obligations.


4. The above exclusions of liability do not apply to damage based on injury to life, limb or health, if a guarantee is given, if defects are fraudulently concealed or if liability is mandatory under the Product Liability Act. The general statutory provisions apply here.


5. As far as the liability of the organizer is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of his employees, workers, employees, representatives and vicarious agents.


6. The organizer assumes no liability for lost clothing, valuables and equipment belonging to the participants that have not been handed over to him for safekeeping. You should therefore be insured accordingly. The organizer is only liable for clothes bags handed in for safekeeping in the event of willful intent and gross negligence.


7. Participation in the PADDLE BATTLE (Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich) requires that the participant is healthy, in good physical condition and therefore able to take part in the event. The participant is responsible for meeting these requirements. The organizer assumes no liability for the health risks of the participants. Upon receipt of the starting documents, the participant declares that there are no health concerns against his or her participation.


8. The remuneration for medical services to his person, insofar as it is incurred, is to be borne by the participant in relation to the organizers. The organizers do not provide insurance cover for medical treatments. It is up to the participant to maintain adequate insurance coverage for medical treatments. Without prejudice to the above cases of liability for damages on the part of the organizers, any liability of the organizers for medical treatment costs (including related costs such as transport and care) is excluded.


§ 10 data collection and utilization


1. The personal data provided by the participant when registering will be stored and processed by the medical services supervising the event for the purposes of carrying out and handling the event, including the purpose of medical care for the participant on the route and at the finish line.


2. The participant agrees - revocable only for the future - that the PADDLE BATTLE (Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich) may distribute photographs, film recordings and interviews of the participant free of charge for their own advertising purposes without restriction in terms of time, space and subject matter and publicly display them, in particular photographs commercially, also for the purposes of advertising offline and online as well as in social networks, in particular in the following ways: magazines, newsletters, posters, photo and video impressions of the event and press publications, etc. . The participant waives his or her name.



§ 11 right of withdrawal


As far as nothing was given in these possible conditions, the rights to revocation and withdrawal were denied. In the case of contracts for business contracts of the representative of contracts and for distance sales contracts for admission tickets, there is no statutory right of revocation according to Section 312g (2) No. 9 BGB.


§ 12 Disqualification, exclusion from the meeting and starting bans


A disqualification or a starting ban can also occur in the event of grossly unsporting behavior. In the contractual representation of the rule of the national and international sports law as well as § 8 paragraph 1 of these regulation conditions.


February 2021